Coinbase Wallet Extension- Beginners Guide For Chrome And Brave Users

Cryptocurrency wallets play a very crucial role in your crypto trading journey from the very start. As soon as you step into this arena, you need to start looking for a wallet that could hold your crypto assets safely. Hence, in this tutorial, I am going to share a few steps that will help you understand different aspects of the Coinbase Wallet. You can begin the usage of this wallet by installing the Coinbase Wallet extension on your device.

However, if you are interested in knowing the complete procedure required for using the wallet, then you can follow the quick steps that are listed below.

What is Coinbase Wallet extension?

Well, you can enjoy the convenience of using the wallet features by navigating to the official website of the platform and downloading the Coinbase Wallet extension on your browser. Presently, there are only two web browsers on which you can install the extension i.e. Brave and Chrome. This extension transforms your browser into a hot crypto wallet on which you can easily store supported coins and tokens. On this wallet, you can easily view and collect NFTs, earn a yield on crypto assets, and access decentralized platforms. And most importantly, you are given complete control of your crypto assets and private keys.

Installing the Coinbase wallet extension

There are two different ways through which you can install the Coinbase Wallet extension on your device i.e. from the Chrome Web Store or the official website of Coinbase Wallet. Here are the easy steps to be followed for installing the extension from its official website:

  1. Further, you should choose one of the download options

  2. The options are available for iOS, Android, Chrome, and Brave

  3. After choosing the installation option, wait for a few seconds

  4. Open the extension > Create or import a wallet

Create a wallet on the Coinbase Wallet extension

If you want, you can install the Coinbase Wallet app to enjoy the convenience of using the Coinbase Wallet app on your smartphone. Here are the steps you must follow on the extension/app to create a wallet for yourself:

  1. Begin the process by opening the extension/app

  2. Choose the option to "Create a new wallet"

  3. Decide a username for your wallet (this will allow users to find you)

  4. Create a backup of your 12-word Secret Recovery Phrase

  5. Give confirmation for saving the Secret Recovery Phrase

  6. Create a password for Coinbase Wallet login

Fix issues with Coinbase Wallet extension

The Coinbase Wallet extension is one of the best ways to access the Coinbase Wallet service. Here are the tips you can consider if you are having trouble with this extension:

  • Clear browser cache and cookies

  • Check if the recent version of Coinbase Wallet is installed

  • Uninstall and re-install the wallet extension

  • Refresh or update your web browser

  • Check issues with your current device

  • Resolve internet connectivity issues, if any

Concluding Thoughts:

Today, through this post, we have shared some details that you must follow if you wish to get started with the Coinbase Wallet extension. Installing the extension should not be a hurdle if you follow this guide carefully. However, if there is an issue during its usage, then you must refer to the quick resolutions given in the last section of this read.

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